Dental check up

For the purpose of detecting potential issues like cavities and gum disease, general check-ups are required. Even if you aren’t feeling any pain or other symptoms, a checkup can help find and address minor dental issues before they worsen or necessitate more extensive and expensive treatment.

Dentists can advise patients on how to better care for their teeth at home to prevent or treat issues including poor breath, discoloured teeth, and bleeding gums. The key to avoiding other, more significant issues like cavities is preventive dentistry.

OHR’s are a great way to club two appointments in one day by seeing both the dentist and the hygienist. What this means to you is that your appointments will be the same day allowing a three way communication between you, your dentist and the hygienist so we work as a team to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.    Get your regular check-up and cleaning in Burwood since preventive dental visits are considerably easier when they are closer to home.

At your OHR visit- your dentist will closely assess you on the following:

  • Your general health and the medications you take as this can sometimes impact your teeth and gums and treatment you need and help us keep you safe should an emergency arise.
  • Any concerns you may have in relation to your teeth, gums and smile.
  • Take necessary X-rays to assess your teeth and bone levels. These are sometimes needed as part of our preventive care so we spot things early and help and guide you on prevention.
  • A thorough extra oral and intra oral assessment to check on any lumps, bumps, lymph nodes and oral cancer check.
  • Assessment of jaw joints when you open and close your mouth. Stress can sometimes have an impact on your jaw joint and so do habits of clenching and night grinding. Assessing this means your dentist is making sure that your jaw joint in not under any stress and if needed a protective gum shield will be advised and provided and necessary jaw exercises given.
  • Smoking and alcohol advice is something which forms part of the OHR process if this is impacting your teeth, gums and overall heath.
  • The health of your teeth, gums and stability of your existing fillings, crowns and bridges are assessed.
  • The appearance of your smile and how confident you feel about it will be discussed and any concerns will be addressed.
  • Stability of dentures assessed and any replacement options discussed if necessary.